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"Creating Wealth" by Robert Allen

"You cannot learn from a better person than Robert Allen. Not only is his book awesome, he is awesome. My husband and I had the privilege of attending Robert Allen's Enlightened Wealth seminar and we had much one on one communication with him. He is a sincere loving person who truly wants to help you .... all of you.... be successful. Creating Wealth will change your life if you let it."
--Shelley Ford
--Elk Grove, CA USA
--January 9, 2007

Allen, Robert. Creating Wealth: Retire in Ten Years Using Allen's Seven Principles of Wealth, Revised and Updated, (Hardcover) Simon & Schuster: Free Press, 2006.

--Tony A. Phillips
--January 13, 2007
--Delran, NJ USA

As a beginner real estate investor, this book is very informatove. Mr Allen starts off with some much needed "fluff" in Parts 1 and 2. It is always a good idea to lay the foundation of your investment philosophy. Part 3 is by far the bread and butter of the book. He still refers to "nothing down" deals and he adds to this formula using the "cookie cutter" method(Ch.6). His tips on locating motivated sellers and developing a formaula to weed out prospective properties is priceless (p90). The book is intriguing until you hit Part 4. Robert's strong point is real estate which is evident from the material in Part 4. His chapters on discounted mortgages, numismatics, lower taxes, financial counseling, etc. does not seem to gel with the 1st 3 parts. This part strays from his own advice which is to stick to one investment and throw yourself into it (p20). The only redeeming chapter in part 4 is protecting your assets using various entities like LLC's or LP's. This is extremely good advice for the beggining investor. Creating Wealth is a very good book and gives good motivation to begin or continue building real estate investments.

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