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"Jane Asher's
Costume Book"

Asher, Jane. Jane Asher's Costume Book. Menlo Park, California: Open Chain Publishing, Inc., 1991.

"The Most Fun You'll Ever Have in a Costume!
You don't have to sew to love this book. You don't even have to ever make one of the many brilliant costumes described in this book to love it. Jane Asher's clever creative ideas and terrible, terrible puns, combined with wonderful celebrity photos are a delightful entertainment just to read. If you do chose to make one of her costumes, the instructions are well-written and easy to follow. She has tried, with mixed success, to translate some of the materials for the American audience. Included are several costumes which are visual puns and require almost no materials and no talent at all. However several of the fancier costumes are quite elaborate, so this book should please the sewer and non-sewer alike. Check out the dazzling photos of Haley Mills, James Coburn, Peter Asher and others. Note, this book is also published under the title Jane Asher's Fancy Dress."

--Reviewer: Enid Karr
--(Concord, Massachusetts)
--March 18, 2000

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