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The Director's Voice: Twenty-One Interviews

"Theatre's recorded history began two thousands years ago (as early as four thousand years ago if one counts existing fragments of Egyptian ritual). In early Greek theatre, the poet/playwright maintained authority over the work of the choruses. Six hundred years later the actor, in the form of Thespis, appeared and through the ensuing centuries usurped the playwright's control. By the middle of the nineteenth century there was a need for another authority who could rescue the stage from down-center, operatic, solo acting and awkward movement." -- Bartow

Bartow, Arthur. The Director's Voice: Twenty-One Interviews. New York: Theatre Communications Group, 1990.

About the Author:
Arthur Bartow is the Artistic Director of the Department of Drama at New York University. He is the author of The Director's Voice (TCG) and has been a consultant and a producer. He staged the original production of Short Eyes by Miguel Pinero and Elizabeth Swados' The Beautiful Lady.

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