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"Theatre of the Opressed"
by Augusto Boal

Boal, Augusto. Theatre of the Opressed. New York, NY: Theatre Communications Group. 1985.

a.a. "driver8"
Chicago, IL
January 13, 2000

"Perhaps the pursuit of art in this world of massive economic, social and legal inequality is simply privileged playing and bemusement? Perhaps art has no valued, but as marketable, profitable entertainment? Or, perhaps art (and specifically theatre) can actually change the world?
"Boal is not the first to speak of theater's revolutionary quality, but unlike his predecessors he takes to the street with his theory. Tracing the relationship between the producers of theatre and its audience, Boal exposes the historical oppression imposed by the dramatic machine/ conventions of the past. In its place he offers theoretical and practical examples of his "People's theatre" (i.e., paratheatre or interactive theatre).
"For all seriously minded artists this is a must read. Especially if you wish to understand your role in artistic production and also wish to make a difference with you work."

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