"How to Deal with a Bully"
a rap play by Bob Zaslow

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How to Deal with a Bully Play Script -a rap play by Bob Zaslow Let your students understand the essence of "How to Deal with a Bully", with this quirky and fun play script by Bob Zaslow. In dialogue which often includes rap songs which offer timely advice to the audience, the characters in this play will amuse your student performers and their audiences alike, while delivering a powerful message about handling the problem of bullying in schools.

This 20-minute play script of "How to Deal with a Bully" uses the vehicle of narrators and a TV show in which contestants have to learn how to handle a bully. The protagonist, Joel, faces a situation in school where he is being bullied daily by Kadian. And the worst part is... Kadian is a girl! By joining the TV show, Joel learns his lesson on handling Kadian and she no longer bothers him in school. A downloadable version is also available.

This child's play script has 19 roles, all essentially equivalent in size, including 4 narrators, and two fairly large sized roles (Joel and Kadian). The latter are the only two roles which are written to be gender specific. All others are interchangeable in terms of gender. The play script is approximately 20 minutes long, and contains a number of lyrics for rap songs, production notes, and curriculum suggestions.

"Thank you for allowing us to do this show without royalties! I auditioned the kids yesterday for "Bully" and I will have approximately 20 6th grade students involved. We will perform the show twice, once for the students and once for parents. No admission will be charged and since I am tying it to the curriculum my kids don't have to pay a user fee. You will definitely be mentioned and thanked in our program.
Theatre is the only program that can serve any student regardless of their ability, limits, or background. It is a life-altering experience and the kids learn while having non-stop fun!
The plan is to tape the show and provided that I have permission from the parents I can send you a copy for your archives.
Sorry this is so rushed but I'm off to an inservice...never a dull moment! Thanks again,
Kym Godwin

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