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"Scenery for the Theatre"

Reviewer: A reader
June 15, 1998

"This book has been a constant source of answers for all of my questions. It is the foundation that all theatre designer/technicians need. If you can find it, get it!"

Burris-Meyer, Harold and Edward Cole. Scenery for the Theatre: The Organization, Processes, Materials, and Techniques Used to Set the Stage, second ed. Boston: Little, Brown, 1972.

--Bennington, Vt, USA
--July 30, 1999

"This book is nothing but the 'Bible'. Parker Smith (Wolf?) and Burris-Meyer & Cole is the staff of the scenery education. Packed full of pertinent and necessary information. After 25 years of building scenery this is still one of my foremost resources. Unlike Parker Smith which also covers lighting design and as such, older editions can be outdated due to changes in basic technology, Burris-Meyer & Cole is a timeless reference book dealing hands on with techniques that have been and will be around for a long time. If you haven't a copy of this and intend to be a serious scenery professional find a copy."

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