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"Actors on Acting"

This is a comprehensive consideration of all aspects of the actor's art and craft, as told by the theater's greatest practitioners, from ancient Greece to the 20th century.

Cole, Toby and Helen Chinoy. Actors on Acting: The Theories, Techniques, and Practices of the World's Great Actors, Told in Their Own Words. New York: Three Rivers Press. 1970.

Marc Silberschatz
May 24, 2000

"This book offers a wide variety of information on various acting styles and techniques. It provides the reader with a virtual history of acting. Though there is much information, much of it is not practical. Much of the information is in the form of excerpts from other books. There is no way to practically apply the information given in "Actors on Acting" without reading the entire book that the article being read comes from. This is more difficult because many of the actors quoted do not have books available. This book however is an excellent primer. A person beginning to explore the craft of acting can find styles they would like to explore in greater depth without buying an entire book on that particular style. I recommend this book for anyone who is begining their study of the craft of acting."

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