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"The Face is a Canvas"
by Irene Corey

Corey, Irene. The Face is a Canvas. New Orleans: Anchorage Press, 1990.

"The quintessential stage makeup handbook."

Debora King
Lawrence, KS USA
September 21, 2000

"I 'discovered' this book at a conference in 1996 and had the privilege of talking with Orlin Corey about the book, Irene Corey's work and the weather (San Antonio in the summer!) I have not had the opportunity to teach from this book until now and I am finding it, far and away, the most valuable text in my teaching arsenal. The book is useful for both the actor-as-makeup-artist and for the designer. Unlike other books that either oversimplify the processes or present the techniques without applying design, Irene Corey's book is organized in logical, progressive lessons. The real value of the book, however, is in Corey's emphasis on design (that is, planning the makeup to apply to a particular artistic situation) as a platform for teaching technique."

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