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"The Fundamentals of Play Directing"

This thorough, detailed introduction to modern stage directing focuses on fundamentals, with an emphasis on the director's interaction with actors. The material is organized in a clear, step-by-step teaching format, from explanations to demonstrations and exercises.

Dean, Alexander and L. Karra. The Fundamentals of Play Directing, fifth ed., New York: Holt , Rinehart, & Winston, 1989.

St. Charles, MO United States
April 24, 2000

"What All Beginning Directors Cannot Be Without! Dean and Carra's 'FUNDAMENTALS OF PLAY DIRECTING' is a step-by-step manual which deciphers the major technical and visual issues of stage directing. It includes specific "tricks of the trade" which remind all directors, beginning or advanced, of the mechanics of stage work. While the authors discuss dramatic theory, the book corrects examines technique, addressing the key concepts of stage focus, framing, stage pictures, and the creation of dynamism on the stage. It allows current students of directing to understand the "fundamentals" first in order to create new and exciting works later. Though expensive, it is the definitive text for directing students. 'FUNDAMENTALS OF PLAY DIRECTING' is an important investment in a young director's theatrical future."

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