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Eight Plays
A New Century

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Eight Play scripts


Introduction:  "Children's Theatre in the 21st Century -- A Possibility of Hope" by Creative Educational Systems

The plays include:

  • The Folklore Festival: Three short dramatizations of folk tales from tribal Africa ("Why the Hare Runs Away"), Medieval Japan ("The Sparrow Maiden") and ancient Greece ("The Story of Demeter and Persephone").
    (Recommended for Grades K-8)

  • The Jungle Book: A rousing adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale of a boy raised by wolves in the jungle.  This interpretation emphasizes the necessity of preserving the rainforest and endangered species.
    (Recommended for Grades K-8) 

  • The Dream Rehearsed: Imagine William Shakespeare's first rehearsal of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" interrupted by a girl masquerading as a boy playing a girl, Elizabethan spies, an angry landlord and an outraged tavernkeeper, a softhearted pickpocket and loads of laughs, mistaken identities and surprises to everyone involved.
    (Recommended for Grades 6-12)

  • The Snow Queen: Hans Christian Andersen's beloved story about a little girl who searches the world to find her lost friend.  Adventure, humor, mystery and the miracle of selfless love are presented with grace and beauty in this unforgettable fairy tale.
    (Recommended for Grades 4-8)

  • Two Fathom Mark Twain: During the 1860's, Mark Twain and Bret Harte, two of America's foremost humorists, were roommates in San Francisco.  This tour-de-force for two young actors includes hilarious excerpts from Twain's "Huckleberry Finn," "Jim Baker's Blue Jay Yarn," "The Prince and the Pauper" and "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."
    (Recommended for Grades 7-12)

  • The Fairy Tale Festival: "Lon Po Po" (the Chinese "Red Riding Hood"),
    Russia's "Peter and the Wolf," and "Rhodopis and the Song of the Falcon" (the Egyptian "Cinderella") are a trio of delightful new versions of these classic stories in this multicultural celebration.
    (Recommended for Grades 3-7)

  • The Odyssey: The Journey of a Soul: Based on the writings on mythology of Joseph Campbell, "The Odyssey" is a powerful retelling of Homer's epic. Performed by young people all over the world, this play is a hallmark of fine drama for youth.
    (Recommended for Grades 5-12)

  • Coyote Tales: Three short plays about the Native American Trickster figure, Coyote, offer both laughter and wisdom from the pre-Columbian Southwest. An ideal introduction to Native American culture for young people.
    (Recommended for Grades 2-8)

    ISBN: 942345-34-7 (250 pages. Pbk. plastic comb binding)
    Regularly $30.00;

    EIGHT PLAYS FOR A NEW CENTURY is a collection of original plays written and produced in schools by Creative Educational Systems.  Each play has a playing time of 40-60 minutes -- perfect for a school assembly program or a children's theatre production. Several plays, in fact, are collections of three stories in one play... they can be divided into three 15-minute plays each of which can be performed separately!  And each one has been successfully performed by young people.

    The plays are accompanied by brief essays which highlight the educational value of the scripts, as well as curriculum suggestions in the areas of language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, physical education, art, music and dance.  Each play is also followed by production notes on staging, style, costumes, sets and lighting, properties and sound and music.

    Audiences of young people watching a live play will, because of its immediate, tangible spontaneous nature, look and listen and psychologically assimilate:  how other people may think and feel, what possibilities exist in the world beyond their own neighborhoods, the results of actions made from good and evil intentions, and why people behave the way they do. Children will inevitably identify with one character or another and vicariously experience the emotional progression of that character until the end of the play -- and sometimes, long after.

    Young people participating in the production of a play will experience all of the above, plus:  the internal motivations of the character they portray, the self-discipline needed to perform successfully in front of an audience, the dynamics of interpersonal relationships crucial to the opening of a show, the process of going over the same thing time and again in the pursuit of excellence, AND instant feedback as to how well they performed the tasks to which they committed themselves.

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    Eight Play scripts

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