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"The One Minute Millionaire" by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen

--Peter Williams
--November 5, 2006
--Melbourne, Australia

This is one of the most real rounded, holistic approachs to creating wealth. It covers all elements of income generation and has lots of real world examples - one set me on a very rewarding business journey. If you want a complete overview of making money this is a must read.

Hansen, Mark Victor and Allen, Robert. The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth, (Hardcover). New York: Harmony Books, 2004.

"I'm impressed. Really impressed. First, this book is incredible! Offering both non fictional and fictional material, right and left sided to stimulate your right and left brains. I have long been a fan of Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen as well as Jack Canfield. Allen and Hansen have outdone themselves with this one.The other reason that I am impressed is only one negative review! WOW! Perhaps even the bashers are reading PMA and inspritional material and growing. Now that is impressive!Simply stated; if you want to be a success, read this book. It will create the right mental mindset. If on the other hand you are happy with mediocrity, look elsewhere. Great book Mr. Allen and Mr. Hansen. Perhaps your best work to date."
--Cathy Brice
--Southern California, USA
--November 7, 2002

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