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"The Costumer's Handbook:
How to Make All Kinds of Costumes"

Maryanne "Angel"
Rowland Heights, Ca United States
November 15, 2003

"Hey guys! Wow, if you're lookin for books on costuming and you've found this book, you've probably realized that there aren't that many books out there on the topic. I found this one at a library and I had to own it. Altho a little outdated (there's more technology now and even more techniques), it's a really good starting place since it lists many other books and sources in the back. The Authors also wote the Theater Technician's Handbook... I like this one better since it has more information on actual construcion of costumes."

Ingham, Rosemary and Elizabeth Covey. The Costumer's Handbook: How to Make All Kinds of Costumes. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1980.

Reviewer: Suzanne E. Mcbroom Potsdam, NY USA April 11, 2000 "Change of Heart: I took this book out of the library because I do costuming, but I didn't think it would be that good- now I want my own copy. Even though it contains theatre oriented advice on making realistic looking armor without breaking your budget, aging fabric, padding out your actors properly, etc., it also contains basic helpful advice for anyone who sews about the fabrics you use, how to solve problems when things don't fit right, picking the right sized dart, and more. I definitely recommend it."

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