The Jungle Book

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Scene 5: The Jungle
(BALOO and MOWGLI enter walking through the Jungle. BALOO is teaching MOWGLI the languages of the Jungle.)
BALOO: You’ve grown so big over the past few years. And your studies are going well.
MOWGLI: Thanks, Baloo.
BALOO: Now repeat after me: “We be of one blood, you and I.”
MOWGLI: “We be of one blood you and I.”
BALOO: That is the secret password of the Jungle. It means that we are all brothers, regardless of what we look like.
MOWGLI: You mean I’m your brother?
BALOO: That’s right, little frog.
MOWGLI: And is Bagheera, the black panther, my brother too?
MOWGLI: Gee. We be of one blood, you and I.
BALOO: If you can say that to any Jungle animal, they will respect you. You don’t need anything else.
MOWGLI: Nothing at all??
BALOO: Just the bare necessities. Hey! I like that. Bear necessities! Heh, heh!
(He sings the BEAR SONG. BAGHEERA appears on the platform to watch the lesson.)
BALOO: Respect needs to be given to each species of animal and its own special needs in the Jungle.
MOWGLI: Even Shere Khan?
BAGHEERA: Absolutely. Even though Shere Khan wants to kill you, he still is a member of the Jungle and certainly a powerful adversary. Respect him and do not underestimate him.
MOWGLI: Why does Shere Khan want to kill me?
BALOO: Shere Khan hates humans because they have no respect for the Jungle and its laws.
BAGHEERA: They destroy without thinking of anyone’s needs but their own. Look how they burn and chop down the rainforest. Pretty soon there will be no plants left to make the air we breathe.
MOWGLI: I will not be like that. I will not be a danger to the Jungle.
BAGHEERA: Perhaps you can help teach the other humans the ways of the Jungle, just as Baloo is teaching you.
BALOO: I have been meaning to talk to you, Mowgli, about just that very thing.
(TABAQUI, the jackal, appears. He is a whiny, suspicious animal.)
TABAQUI: Greeting, O Great Ones. Would you have a bit of food for a poor starving jackal??
BAGHEERA: Only a few bones, Tabaqui. (tosses him a bone)
TABAQUI: Thank you, O wise Bagheera.
BALOO: What brings you here, Tabaqui?
TABAQUI: I have news. Shere Khan has returned to this hunting ground sooner than expected.
BAGHEERA: (surprised) Baloo, let me talk to you a minute. (He takes BALOO aside. MOWGLI eavesdrops.) Mowgli should be taken to the man village right away.
BALOO: You’re right! He is not safe while the tiger is around.
MOWGLI: Wait a minute! I won’t go. I would rather go out on my own and take my chances with the Jungle. This is my home.
BALOO: Mowgli, be reasonable. You’re just a cub, still.
BAGHEERA: You have a lot left to learn about the Jungle, little brother.
BALOO: You won’t be able to make it on your own, Mowgli, without knowing a whole lot more.
MOWGLI: Even so, I’m not going to any man village.
BAGHEERA: Come on, Mowgli.
BALOO: We’re just thinking of your own good Mowgli. We love you.
MOWGLI: No you don’t! If you did, you wouldn’t send me away. You’d keep me here and help me. Well, I don’t need your help, thank you.
(MOWGLI runs off stage off the back platform.)
BALOO: Mowgli, wait!
BAGHEERA: Come back! Oh, dear. We’ve got to go after him, Baloo. Come on. Quickly!
(BALOO and BAGHEERA run off chasing MOWGLI.)
(BALOO and BAGHEERA run off chasing MOWGLI.)

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