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"The Back Stage Guide to Stage Management"

This widely used manual for stage managers has been revised to include new methods that employ computers and spread-sheet software, automation in the theater, and contemporary event managing. Whether you work in the amateur, educational, or professional theater, you'll find all the nuts and bolts of the craft clearly laid out in this engaging, friendly book. And there's good advice on finding employment, too. The text, supported by many sample documents, diagrams, and charts, straddles traditional approaches and the use of computers. It shows how the communication skills of the stage manager can be applied with success to managing - a field that offers increasing opportunities for work - and it explores the benefits and disadvantages of the latest stage machinery.

Kelly, Thomas A. The Back Stage Guide to Stage Management. New York: Back Stage Books, 1991.

Robin M. Grady
Cranston, RI United States
June 20, 2004

"As a recent graduate with a BFA in stage management, I have found Kelly's book to the the most in depth look at the craft. It addressed more complicated issues, and most interestingly, new developments, that the other books I've read(Stern, Ionazzi) don't touch on. I agree that it isn't a book for a beginner, but for someone with a little experience, looking to refine their skills, its the best book out there."

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