The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa

play script sample

(Scene 2: Kuchicagulia, The second principle of Kwanzaa. Location: A farm. Two NARRATORS are down stage left. A FARMER enters, center.)

FARMER: It's a nice day for a walk. I think I'll go to the woods.
NARRATOR 1: A farmer left his farm one day and took a stroll in the woods nearby. Suddenly, he spotted a baby eagle lying on the ground.
FARMER: Bless my britches! A baby eagle. It must have fallen out of the nest. I'll take it home and put it in the chicken house (he does).
CHICKENS: (enter clucking) Puck-puck-puck-pah-deh!! (The FARMER is throwing down grain for them for them.)
Well I’ll be hog tied! The Eagle's eating the grain I threw down for them thar chickens! I reckon it'll live.
"Kujichagulia," the second principle of Kwanzaa, means self determination. It means to decide for yourself who you want to be, and be proud of who and what you are.

NARRATOR 1: Other people sometimes have ideas of who you are and what you may become. But in the end, it’s up to you to decide that for yourself...
NARRATOR 2: ...though it does help to get a little encouragement from a wise soul somewhere along the line.
NARRATOR 1: This is “The Tale of the Eagle Who Thought He Was a Chicken.”
NARRATOR 2: For five years the eagle stayed in the hen house. And it learned by watching the chickens how to eat, walk, preen, and sleep just like a chicken. (All birds do these activities together). But it grew to be as big as any ordinary eagle.
FARMER: Yep. That shore is one mighty fine looking chicken.
NATURALIST: One day, a scientist, a naturalist, (that's me!) stopped by the farm. You see, I was lost and I stopped to ask for directions.
NATURALIST: (to the FARMER) Howdy!
FARMER: Howdy! What brings you to these parts, stranger?
NATURALIST: I'm lost. I hope you can tell me where I am.
FARMER: Yep. Sure can. You're on my farm. And that there's my chicken coop.
(staring) Say! Isn't that an eagle??

FARMER: Nope. It's a chicken.
NATURALIST: Well, it sure looks like an eagle!
FARMER: Chicken.
NATURALIST: No, I’m telling you, I'm a scientist. And that bird there is definitely an eagle.
FARMER: Well, it may have started out like an eagle, but I trained it to be a chicken. I reckon that makes it one.
NATURALIST: Its wings measure 15 feet across. It could soar up to the heavens.
FARMER: Could not. Chickens can’t fly.
NATURALIST: Could too. That bird is an eagle.
FARMER: Is not.
NATURALIST: (after a pause) I tell you what. Let's test it.
FARMER: Fair enough. But I tell you, I've convinced it that it's a chicken.
NATURALIST: I'll pick it up and get it to fly.
FARMER: No way.
NATURALIST: Way. (He pantomimes picking up the EAGLE and putting it on a fence.)

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