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"The Stage and the School"

The Stage and the School offers more of what you've always loved about the nation's most comprehensive high school drama program. More hands-on exercises. More teacher support. More discussion of the conventions of the theatre. More opportunities to creative expression through performance. More connections to the other arts. With all the hands-on exercises and application activities, scenes and monologues, chapter openers and reviews, students are provided with every opportunity for success.

Ommanney, Katherine Anne and Harry H. Schanker. The Stage and the School, fifth ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1982.

Laura M Rebecca
Garden City, NY
February 23, 2004

"I've been using this book as the main text for my Theater Arts class, and our school has used it for decades. If you plan to teach a comprehensive theater class--one that includes both performance and production--this is an excellent choice."

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