The Wonderful
Wizard of Oz

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Scene 2: Munchkinland

(DOROTHY awakes and emerges from behind the house to discover she is in a strange land. Her house is lying among beautiful flowers and grass huts.)

DOROTHY:Golly, Toto. Look at this place. I donít think weíre in Kansas anymore!
DOROTHY:It certainly is beautiful!
(She hears giggling but canít figure out where itís coming from.)
MUNCHKINS:He, he, he!
DOROTHY:(alarmed) What was that!? (she walks stage left)
MUNCHKINS:He, he, he!
DOROTHY:(alarmed) There it is again! (she walks stage right)
MUNCHKINS:He, he, he!
DOROTHY:(curious) What could it be, Toto? (she walks stage left, again)

(Suddenly, the MUNCHKIN MAYOR rises from what appears to have been a flower bed, where s/he is hiding. Several other MUNCHKIN LEADERS rise, too, and push the MAYOR forward toward DOROTHY. He is hesitant).

MAYOR:AreÖ are you a good witch or a bad witch?
DOROTHY:(startled) Oh!
TOTO:(growling) Grrrrr!
DOROTHY:Toto! Where are your manners! (She shakes her fingers at TOTO. Then she turns back to the MAYOR.) Good day!
MAYOR:Good day, miss. What kind of witch are you?
DOROTHY:My name is Dorothy Gale, and Iím from Kansas, and I donít know anything about witches.
MUNCHKINS:He, he, he!
MAYOR:(apologetically) Well, Iím the Mayor of Munchkinland, and these are the other Munchkins.
DOROTHY:(confused) Whatís a Munchkin?
MUNCHKINS:He, he, he!
MAYOR:Why, weíre Munchkins.
DOROTHY:Oh. (still confused, somewhat sarcastically) That explains everything!
MOPP::And what weíd like to know is...
GLOOP:What kind of witch are you?
SLIPP:Good or bad?
DOROTHY:Why, Iím not a witch at all!
MUNCHKINS:He, he, he!
MAYOR:But you must be a witch!
DOROTHY:(surprised) I must?

(Suddenly the MUNCHKINS point off stage, reacting in awe and delight)

ORP:Here comes Glinda!
MUNCHKINS:Ahhh!(sounds of delight)
BLURP:Sheíll help us decide what kind of witch you are!!
 (Glinda enters).
DOROTHY:My goodness! Hello, your majesty!
GLINDA:(laughs) Oh, no, no, dear! Iím not royalty. You may call me "Glinda." Just "Glinda."
DOROTHY:Oh. Well Iím very pleased to meet you, maíam. My name is Dorothy. And this is Toto.
GLINDA:Iím very pleased to meet you both.
DOROTHY:These people seem to think Iím a witch!
MUNCHKINS:(nodding) Um, hmmm!
DOROTHY:But Iím not at witch! Iím a little girl. Iím from Kansas. Only... Iím confused. This doesnít seem to be Kansas anymore.
GLINDA:No, it certainly doesnít.
DOROTHY:But I do know that Iím not any nasty old witch!
MUNCHKINS:He, he, he!
DOROTHY:They donít believe me.
GLINDA:Well you see, Dorothy, the Munchkins are laughing because I am a witch.
DOROTHY:You? But youíre soÖ nice. So pretty.
GLINDA:Thank you.
DOROTHY:I thought all witches were bad.
GLINDA:Oh some of them are! But not all. There are good and bad witches just like anything else. The one you killed was very bad!
DOROTHY:Killed!? But I didnít kill anyone!
MUNCHKINS:He, he, he!
GLINDA:Well, maybe you didnít, dear, but your house landed right on top of the Wicked Old Witch of the East.
MOPP:And there are her feet...
GLOOP:...sticking out from under it.
 (DOROTHY turns to see what they are pointing at, sees the witches legs under the house and gasps)
SLIPP:And those are her ruby slippers!
DOROTHY:(close to tears) Oh, dear! I didnít mean to kill her. I donít want to harm anyone!
GLINDA:Itís all right, Dorothy.
ORP:She was very wicked.
BLURP:She kept us enslaved.
MAYOR:But now, thanks to you, weíre free!
 (The MUNCHKINís cheer. One of the MUNCHKINS brings the slippers over to DOROTHY).

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