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Peter and the Wolf

a play script adapted from the
classic musical symphony for children
by Russian composer
Sergei Prokofiev

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Peter and the Wolf play script cover We've all heard the classic musical symphony for children, Peter and the Wolf composed by Sergei Prokofiev. Now your students can enjoy reading or acting out the immortal Russian story in this play script which captures all the fun characters and story elements of the original children's symphony.

Peter lives with his Grandfather near the edge of a forest in Russia. His Grandfather is very protective, and when Peter wants to shed the dreariness of the long Russian winter by playing in the meadow nearby with his friends the Bird, the Duck and the Cat, his Grandfather brings him inside the fenced yard, warning him that there are dangerous wolves about. When Peter sees a ferocious Wolf enter the meadow, he devises a plan to capture it, and with the help of several Hunters, takes the captured Wolf to the zoo where it cannot harm others.

This 10-minute narrated pantomime script for Peter and the Wolf features a large narrator part, (quite possibly for an adult, or which may be broken up among several actors), and silent (pantomime) parts for 1 male lead (Peter), and 8 or more supporting characters. Gender is interchangeable on many of the supporting roles. The script is designed so that Prokofiev's music may be added for a richer arts experience. This script is excellent for an elementary school cast, including early childhood (especially with an adult narrator). Production ideas for sets, costumes, etc. and curriculum connections for thematic curriculum work are included.

"I am a K-8 music teacher at a Catholic School. Kindergarten through 3rd grade is finishing up a unit on "Peter and the Wolf." Kindergarten made finger stick puppets; 1st grade made sack puppets and 2nd grade made homemade masks. 3rd grade is completing a booklet. The script will help us tell the story using their puppets and masks. I was thrilled to get it so easily.
"Thanks again; I hope I can use your services again."
--Kim Struck
--music teacher

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