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Penny Jones

The Early Childhood
Puppet Theatre

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Shoe-Box Puppet Shows

Penny Jones performs puppet plays for literacy 
at Village Pre-School Center in New York City
With shoe box by her side, Penny Jones performs with "found object" puppets at the Village Pre-School Center in New York City.

Anyone can create and enjoy puppet shows.

You don't need perfect puppet characters to create puppet shows. You don't need special skills. Any teacher can do this. Let Penny Jones show you, with her "Shoe Box" shows, how you can take a collection of found objects and retell classic tales from literature, or create your own brand new stories from your own imagination.

"It was so great! The children were so involved. Penny’s shows sparked their imagination and brought the stories to life."

-- Carmen Marco, Pre-K, PS 134m, NYC

Young students love puppets!

Wouldn't you like to bring a whole new dimension to the books you are reading with your class? Through puppet shows, your students gain literacy benefits in:
  • sequencing
  • prediction
  • language
  • vocabulary
  • storytelling
Just watch a youngster amusing themselves with a couple of dolls or stuffed toys when no one else is around to play with them. Early childhood students play and make up stories naturally.

Wouldn't it be nice to see your students enhance their understanding of their reading books through your creation of your own puppet shows for them with follow-through activities geared to their abilities and interests and designed to enhance your curriculum? It's easy. And all the while they will be learning such things as:
  • creativity, imagination and fantasy
  • interpersonal relationships and communication skills
  • dexterity, small motor skills, and eye-hand coordination
  • artistic skills such as color mixing and sculpture
Penny Jones directs student puppets for Shoe Box Puppet Shows
A life-size puppet squid advances on an octopus puppet each guided by students, guided in turn by Penny.

Penny Jones and found-object set for Shoe Box Puppet Shows A plastic bear, Baby Blue, and a straw man, Fred, drive off in their box car from their paper and cardboard hi-rise. Learn how to make shows out of your throw-aways.

See Penny Jones' puppet shows with your students. Then learn how she puts them together in a staff development session following the show. You'll find out how to do your own shows with your students, quickly, simply and easily. As you develop your own library of books, develop your own shoe box puppet shows for each classic fairy tale and modern favorite.

2 performances in a day: $750
2 performances plus hour teacher workshop: $1150

For more information or to arrange a booking of Penny Jones and The Early Childhood Puppet Theatre, email us at: info@creativeeducationalsystems.com
or call CES at 1-888-422-0320, pin# ARTS (2787) now.

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