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"The Total Money Makeover"

"Our current financial position represents the sum total of the decisions we've made to this point, he tells us, and we must take personal responsibility for our financial problems. His seven-step plan includes paying off all debts except the home mortgage at an accelerated speed, creating a financial safety net that covers three to six months' expenses, investing 15 percent of income in a retirement fund, and saving for children's college expenses. He effectively shows how regular people can rid themselves of debt and grow their wealth using current income."
--From "Booklist"

Ramsey, Dave The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness, (Hardcover) Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc, 2003.

--A. Mangeni
--January 13, 2007

"This book should be read by every sensible human being that desires to lead a successful financial life. I loved it tremendously and it has changed how I use my money. If you are pressed down with a lot of debt, then this is your book."

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