a Public Seminar

Building Trust and Respect
in Relationships

featuring master teacher
and motivational speaker
Lydia Sacasa Hill
and master artist teacher
and trainer
Ronn Kistler

Ronn Kistler at the Building Trust in Relationships public seminar

per person
(if you register ahead of time,
$20 at the door)

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Next date to be announced * 9:30-11:30 a.m.
Parish hall at St. Marks Church, NYC

What if...?

... all parent-child communications were real meetings of minds and hearts?

... every employee got respect and trust from his or her supervisor?

... all students learned trust and respect at home and expected to give and receive the same in the classroom?

This CES "Community-Building" Seminar will help!!

Participants in this workshop will:
  • discover new ways to improve all their family, social and professional relationships
  • learn communication techniques to successfully listen to and be heard by their children
  • find out what they can do to improve their children's self esteem, and self-confidence
  • learn new ways to build the relationship of trust and respect with their children
  • learn to recognize progressive levels of trust between themselves and their children's teachers... and how to continue improving that level of trust
  • be able to become a supportive bridge between what their children learn at school and what they learn at home
  • experience the dynamic effectiveness of "play with purpose--having fun while you're learning and learn while you're having fun"

This could be a life-changing seminar for whomever attends it!

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And if you know someone else who should come to this event, please let them know! It could be the best present anyone's ever given them.

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NYC BOE Prevention Services Contract # 9602037
NJ Professional Development Registration # 1681

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