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Ronn Kistler
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Lydia Sacasa Hill

"This seminar was extremely energizing and refreshing. It makes you want to go back to your classroom and try new things."

Latosha Kellum
4th grade teacher, Bronx NY
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October 21, 2006 * 9:00-11:30 a.m.
Parish hall at St. Marks Church, NYC

The honeymoon is over. The school year is underway. How well are your students paying attention? How well are they behaving?

We all want to have a well-managed classroom. Yet sometimes it seems like yelling and browbeating students into submission is the only way. Yet we know we would rather be empowering them.

Don't despair. There is help available.

Learn first hand the techniques Lydia used to take an out-of-control class of 6th grade students in an inner city Brooklyn S.U.R.R. school (many of whom were repeating the grade for the third time, and most of whom were reading at a third grade level) and turn them into a focused, motivated group of students within a few weeks. Within the first few months of school she had helped them to raise their SFA reading test scores an average of two full grade levels .

What You'll Learn:

You will benefit personally from this workshop, too.
Wouldn't it be nice to: And how will your students benefit from your attendance at this seminar? This could be a life-changing seminar for whomever attends it!

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