A 7-part Workshop Series:

  1. Workshop 1: Harmony
    A series of group games help participants to get to know each other on a much deeper level, practice working together in teams, play and have fun together, and develop a deeper level of intimacy. By the time they have completed this workshop, participants invariably will have a greater understanding of their fellow participants (teammates), a greater appreciation for who they are, and will have lifted those limitations which keep them for sharing and communicating at closer levels, especially in the course of playing.
  2. Workshop 2: Building Trust and Respect in Relationships
    This workshop draws heavily from great mentors in the field of personal growth. In using the metaphor of the emotional bank account of trust between two people, participants learn how they can make deposits or withdrawals to each other’s trust account, thereby developing a respectful relationship with one another.
  3. Workshop 3: Active Listening
    We tend to listen autobiographically, and to respond in one of four ways: we evaluate (either agree or disagree), we probe (ask questions from our own frame of reference), we advise (give counsel based on our own experiences), or we interpret (try to figure people out, explain their motives, their behavior, based on our own motives and behavior). This keeps us from really understanding, and from building trust in our listener, thereby stifling the communication. To really understand fully, we must practice empathic listening, hearing with both the intuition and the heart, and without judgment or analysis. This workshop helps us to do that.
  4. Workshop 4: Goal Setting and Purpose
    Achieving success is tied to vision and purpose--setting goals and working to achieve them. This workshop encourages participants to take off the limitations and to dream of what’s possible… and from there, to take steps to identify their own life purpose, and set goals to achieve it. Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction are cornerstones of this process.
  5. Workshop 5: Personal Growth Through Building Self Esteem
    In order to grow, we must discover new dimensions of ourselves in relation to others. This workshop engages participants in enjoyable and effective ways to discover more about who they are, how they think and what they are capable of. Active exercises of self-discovery build a sense of purpose, and develop effective communication skills. The concepts and activities are easy to pass on to students, as well.
  6. Workshop 6: Stress Management
    Identifying unrelieved stress and being aware of its effect on our lives is not sufficient for reducing its harmful effects. Just as there are many sources of stress, there are many possibilities for its management. However, all require work toward change: changing the source of stress and/or changing your reaction to it. How do you proceed? This workshop shows how.
  7. Workshop 7: No Blame, No Judgment
    Working together as a team ultimately presents challenges which must be overcome, and problems which must be solved. Group and organizational problems are almost invariably systemic, related to a breakdown in the system, rather than personal failure. One of the death knells of a team is the tendency of its members to cast blame on others when things go wrong, rather than changing the system to solve the problem, which is a far more impersonal, non-judgmental response, and has a much better probability of actually creating the result needed. This workshop helps to develop the sense of non-judgmentalism in participants

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