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"Konstantin Stanislavsky: Building a Character"

Francis Fergusson
"Education Theatre Journal"

"In (this book) Stanislavsky, assuming the reader's familiarity with the 'inner technique', proceeds to study costume and the wearing of costume, bodily movement, voice, speech and the use of language, and tempo and rhythm-- the more external but essential techniques whereby the actor learns to use his physical instrument . . . and he expounds them as only a master can; i.e., with the insight and authority of talent plus expeirence. Anyone who attempts to train actors or to direct plays will find here a great mine of practical wisdom."

Stanislavsky, Konstantin. Building a Character.
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Lee Mueller
St. Louis, MO.
January 30, 2006

"I thought I knew what I was doing on the stage. I knew my lines, I didn't bump into the furniture, what else is there to know? Borrowed this book from a friend and it completely transformed me and everything I thought I knew about acting. Turns out I only thought I knew what I was doing."

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