Coyote and the Stars play script, an adaptation 
of a Native American folktale

Coyote and the Stars

a theatrical adaptation of
a Native American folktale

Coyote and the Stars play script
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Testimonial !!

"Thank you very much for the play. The children performed it last week and it went really well. We also sang the chant "Fly like an Eagle" and did a hoop dance. For the stars when coyote tumbled down the hill, we had paper flowers tumble from a sack and then had fairy lights go on to represent the stars.
Big appreciation for the play.
All the best to you and your organization.
Peace and blessings"
-- Ila Mazumdar

Is there a better way to get an experiential understanding of Native American culture than by performing one of its folktales? And one of the most colorful characters, bound to bring laughter to the performers and audience alike, is the Native American trickster Coyote. This story will delight and instruct both audience and cast and explains the origin of the stars and why Coyote howls at the sky.

In Coyote and the Stars, The People are asked by First Man and First Woman to each bestow their own special gift upon their new home, the Fifth World. Each group of animal people, in turn, offers a particular gift, until it is Coyote's turn. Coyote is unsure of what talents he possesses, and when he offers to sing, the others laugh. First Man admonishes them not to laugh at another's gifts, but Coyote is ashamed and slinks away while the others set about gathering white flowers to use to make stars in the heavens. Before First Man can weave a pattern of the stars with which he plans to explain to The People the Laws of the Universe, night has fallen. While the others sleep, Coyote steals the flowers, thinking they are food. He trips, sending the flowers flying into the air where they stick to the sky in a chaotic, random pattern. When First Man discovers that his plan to write the Laws of the Universe in the sky has been ruined, he commands Coyote to sing the meaning of the stars each night so that The People will understand how to live.

This 15-minute play Coyote and the Stars features 1 Shaman /narrator part, 1 strong male character (First Man) who carries the show, 1 good female supporting character (First Woman) and Coyote, a comic role who can be of any gender; with many smaller supporting roles, also of any gender. The cast is expandable in size, depending on the desired number of people in the cast. Good for 3rd grade on up, middle and high school students. Can be intergenerational, as well. The hard copy version is 8 1/2" x 11" in size, spiral bound so as to lie flat on a desk when open, and with color cover.

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