Madame C J Walker
a play
about America's first
Black woman millionaire

Cast List

Character Description Lines
Sarah Breedlove Madam C.J. Walker, born Sarah Breedlove, feisty, determined, goal oriented and savvy woman, very aware of beauty 108
Louvenia Breedlove Sister of Sarah, practical, image conscious, more of a follower but a good nurturer, and strong in time of crisis 26
Alex Breedlove Brother of Sarah, very concerned with survival and doing what’s proper in society, playful but with a quick temper 5
Minerva Breedlove Mother of Sarah, efficient, hard-working, very interested in seeing her children better themselves 13
Owen Breedlove Father of Sarah, hard-working, very concerned about the well-being of his family, sold on the value of education 9
A’Lelia McWilliams Sarah’s daughter, very smart and as feisty as her mother and possibly even more stubborn 14
Mr. Johnson A working man in St. Louis, good of heart. 4
Mr. Jefferson A working man in St. Louis, good of heart. 4
Margaret Washington Wife of Booker T. Washington, a strong, confident woman, a lecturer, very concerned with the advancement of black women. 1 long speech
Audience Members Members of the St. Louis community listening to Margaret Washington no lines
Mabel A friend of Sarah’s, about 35, a real busy body and somewhat of a gossip. 8
Kwesi African man who is all wise and helpful 13
Charles J. Walker Sarah’s second husband, a newspaper man, kind, loving, who is crazy about Sarah and supportive of her in her business 18
Eugenia Craig Homemaker in Kansas City, very bubbly and positive about everything 8
Mrs. Crochit Older woman homemaker in Kansas City, somewhat hard of hearing 10
Mrs. Jackson Enterprising woman in Kansas City, who gets frustrated easily and has become suspicious of people claiming they will help her 5
Mrs. Spencer Homemaker in Kansas City, who is interested in bettering her life, and willing to listen, but is not easy to convince about a new idea 6
Gladys Prejudiced white woman working at the ticket window of the Iris Theatre in Indianapolis 6
F.B. Ransom, esq. Lawyer to Sarah, in Indianapolis. He is a hard-nosed realist but with a great respect for Sarah 10
Booker T. Washington Foremost black educator or Sarah’s generation, he does not yet see the value of women in the business world. 11
John McSorley Well established black Indianapolis banker 1
Harley Jones Well established black Texas banker 1
George Knox Publisher of the The Freeman, a black owned Indianapolis newspaper 2
Audience members Primarily black audience members of the business community at the National Negro Business Conference no lines

Note: The cast size may vary depending on how many AUDIENCE MEMBERS are cast.

Note: In some parts, gender is interchangeable and will have no affect on the theme of the story, despite the fact that the parts have been written to reflect the original tale’s gender differences.

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