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"Behind the Scenes:
The Unseen People Who Make Theatre Work"

This book reveals the work involved in theater through profiles of ten people active in various phases of the field, from playwright, producer, and general manager to master electrician, wardrobe master, and production carpenter.

Williamson, Walter. Behind the Scenes: The Unseen People Who Make Theatre Work. New York: Walker and Company, 1987.

Denise A. Anton
Cornbelt Library System, Normal, Ill.
From School Library Journal

"Grade 6 Up. A loving tribute to those rarely-sung heroes of theater: the technicians, designers, managers, and agents who work behind the scenes and away from the limelight.

"The format is similar to Williamson's Early Stages (Walker, 1986), and once again he uses interviews and photographs to present a taste of professional theater to children. The book's organization follows the actual progression of a play from inception to production to the daily presentation.

"The final section, 'Running the Performance' is especially enlightening, concentrating on the often harrowing moments during the run of the Broadway musical Big River. A wide range of careers are highlighted: playwright, producer, general manager, director, costume designer, press agent, assistant stage manager, master electrician, wardrobe master, and production carpenter yet several essential careers are overlooked, among them set and lighting designer, props, and wig master.

"The interviews concentrate on career beginnings and the often unexpected turns of fate accompanying most theatrical careers. The writing style is highly readable and presents an optimistic yet accurate view of theatrical life. Overall, a book which should broaden young readers' views of possible careers in theater."

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