Staff Development Structures and Formats

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Workshop: Duration: Cost:
Introductory 1 1/2 hour $400
Overview 3 hour $600
Comprehensive 6 hour $800
Seminar 2 day $1500
Course 30 hour Negotiable

The Workshops:

A CES Workshop for a group of approximately 30 participants is an effective introduction to the hands-on understanding and classroom application the topic at hand.
CES workshops always involve participants in an interactive learning process.
CES workshops can be flexible in length depending on the client’s needs. Traditional time lengths (and possible structures) are:

One and a half hour Introductory Workshop:
3-Hour Overview Workshop:
Full Day Comprehensive Workshop:
Two-Day Seminar
When school or district personnel select a CES workshop or seminar, they can specify ahead of time a particular content focus. They can choose, for example, "science" to be the general content area from which workshop applications will be drawn, or "understanding human nutritional needs" as a more specific subject to be used throughout the workshop. CES has delivered workshops in all different content areas for a variety of developmental needs.

The Course

CES Master Artist Teachers teach 30-hour, 3-credit courses in the "Theory of Multiple Intelligences," "Teaching Curriculum Through the Arts," "Thematic, Interdisciplinary Curriculum," "Producing the School Play," and "Designing Your Own Curriculum Guide." Clients may specify ahead of time a particular curriculum focus or even specific curriculum units. Participants will use part of their class time developing lesson plans for the unit.
Costs for a Course are negotiable.

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