Title Price Quantity Total
Teaching Curriculum Through the Arts books 25.00    
Play with Purpose student work books 10.95    
Sunrise at 602: Enlightened Classroom Management 15.00    
Producing the School Play books 25.00    
Life in Ancient Greece curriculum guide 15.00    
Exploring Columbus curriculum guide 15.00    
Children of the Sun curriculum guide 15.00    
Folklore Festival curriculum guide 15.00    
Love's Song by Thomas inspirational poems 15.00    
Two Boards and a Passion teenage play collection 37.00    
Eight Plays for a New Century play collection 30.00    
Plays for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa collection 15.00    
The Theatre of Hans Christian Andersen play collection 15.00    
Individual scripts (please specify, and check
price for each individual play.) Title:
(attach separate page if ordering more than one) _____________________________________
as listed    
Shipping and Handling:
  • 1-2 books: $4
  • 3-5 books: $7
  • over 5 books : $10 or as quoted by phone or email

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