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The Sparrow Maiden
a play script adaptation of
an Japanese Fairy Tale

Sparrow Maiden play script
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The Sparrow Maiden Play Script-
An adaptation of a Japanese fairytale What better way to learn the essence of the ancient culture of Japan than to act out one of its traditional stories. Your students will experience, first hand, the delightful story of a woman who learns that kindness is its own reward and that not everything comes in large packages... sometimes the most precious things are actually the smallest.

In The Sparrow Maiden, an old man and an old woman live on the side of the mountain. They are very different, the man being kind and the woman being mean and nasty. The old man befriends a sparrow but incurs the jealousy of the old woman in doing so. The old woman drives the bird out of the house, but the old man, determined to find his friend walks into the forest and finds a beautiful maiden who is the sparrow, transformed. The maiden offers him a choice of two wooden boxes as a gift, one small and one large. The man takes home the small box which turns out to contain a treasure in jewelry. The old woman, angry that the old man took the smaller box, heads to the sparrow maiden's house to claim the large box which turns out to contain the demons of cruelty and greed, who chase her back to her home and the waiting arms of her husband. She realizes they both got what they deserve and becomes a kind and loving person.

This 10-15-minute play is a narrated pantomime, and the narrator role may be divided amongst several actors. There is one male role and the four women's parts, while the expandable chorus of Ninja Property Persons and the Demons can have interchangeable gender. It can be performed by elementary students, including early childhood, with a more mature narrator(s), or by middle or high school students as well.
Production ideas for sets, costumes, etc. and thematic curriculum ideas are included at the end. The hard copy version is 8 1/2" x 11" in size with spiral binding (which lets it lie flat on a desk, when opened) and color cover.

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Sparrow Maiden play script
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Buy The Sparrow Maiden e play script! You will receive a Zip file containing a Word document.
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