ETs Save the World

ETs Save the World 
play script for kids
ETs Save the World 
play script for kids
hard copy: $10 or get the ebook for $7

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ETs Save the World play script for kids
is also contained in one of our collections!

Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales
Seven Plays for PreTeens (and older), v. 2

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Here's what you get in this collection:

Preteen Plays cover That's a total value of $49 in play scripts which you can order now to get the entire plays for PreTeens Volume 1 collection, including the ETs Save the Earth e-play for
just $17!
for the ebook.
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preteen one act kids play scripts

To see more information on Pre-Teens: Volume 1 go to To Be Or Not To Be: 7 Plays for Preteens (or older).

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